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My son and I
My son and I

Most of you visiting this site know who I am but for those of you who don’t here’s my brief bio:

I was born in Minneapolis, MN where I lived for seven years. I am the second of three children: my older sister, Amy, five years my elder currently lives in Carlsbad, CA where she works as an Emergency Medicine physician. My younger sister, Alice, one and a half years younger than I, works in Boston as a manager for a financial company . After living in Minneapolis for the first seven years of my life our family moved to Potomac, MD, where we lived for two years. We moved there for vocational reasons, as my father was hired there as a Urology physician, and my mother worked as an Internal Medicine doctor.

It was in Maryland that I began playing tennis, a sport I would excel at and continue to play even after our final move to Omaha, NE. In Omaha I would attend the last part of elementary, middle, and high school. I was accepted into the Harvard University class of 2004, thus would spend four years (2000-2004) in Cambridge. During my undergraduate years, I was fortunate enough to meet my wife, Fleur Broughton. We were married during my junior year of school. After my graduation I played tennis on the professional circuit, allowing me to travel internationally.

I stopped playing professionally at the end of 2004 and decided to pursue a career in medicine. On Christmas night of 2006 our first son, Christian, was born. Both my wife and I wanted to attend a medical school where we could a) attend together, and b) be able to spend time with our son. We chose Ross University. For residency training, we underwent something called the ‘couple’s match’. A system put in place that allows couples to attend the same institution for training- she matched into the Family Medicine program here in Lansing, while I was accepted into the Emergency Medicine program. However, after almost a year of training in Emergency Medicine, I decided to switch into the Family Medicine program(I’m often asked why I switched, there is no single good answer to that. My decision to change programs was a conglomeration of many factors). I was nearing the end of my second year of training when this tumor was discovered. During my stay in the hospital my second son was born (a time I’ll write about in more depth later). And that brings me to now…

The Tumor

The tumor was found to be benign after the surgery, however because of the location of the tumor I have since developed something called ‘posterior fossa syndrome’. This is a constellation of symptoms that come from the effects of the tumor and its removal. I now suffer from, movement, speech, and visual difficulties. I’ll be writing much more about the tumor and its affects in future posts.



I initially began writing for therapeutic reasons. However after, reviewing my journal I realized I had more than enough for a blog. My hope is that this blog gets my story out and make people aware of possible difficulties disabled people can incur. Right now my plan is to ‘release’ a post every Monday and Friday. Please note that before any post I ask for permission from those mentioned in the post to use their name, thus there are some names that have been changed.

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