Christian Interview Conclusion

This is part 2 of 2 of my interview with Christian…

Christian in downtown Chicago
Christian in downtown Chicago

Me: Do you like that dada’s been home more?

Christian: Yes.

Me: Because when dada goes back to work, I’ll be home less.

Me: What do you think of dada’s head shaking?

Christian: Really quickly.

Me: Do you even notice it anymore?

Christian: Kind of.

Me: When do you think it happens?

Christian: In the morning.

Me: The morning, that’s interesting, mama says in the night.

Christian: Really? I think in the morning you’re like this (he tries to imitate my titubation by bobbling his head). And even during the night.[1]

Me: Do you know that the only time you mentioned the head shaking was one time with grandma and grandpa and one time we were with Greg and Megha? Do you remember that?

Christian: Yes.

Me: Do you hope that it might go away?

Christian: Yes.

Me: Do remember me going to see Auntie Amy?

Christian: Yes, by yourself.

Me: So how do you like being a big brother?

Christian: I like it.

Me: What do you like about it?

Christian: That we have a baby.[2]

Me: Do you remember seeing dada in the hospital?

Christian: Yes, I was drinking grape juice and I saw dad in the bed.

Me: Do you remember dada not being home that much?

Christian: Yes.

Me: Why was I not home that much?

Christian: Because you had a surgery.

I included the audio files of my interview with Christian, you can hear our baby in the background…













[1] I’m not sure what he means by this, the shaking does not occur when I sleep.

[2] We were initially worried about their age difference (~7 years) but now realize that it’s an ideal age difference as Christian has been a huge help.

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